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Pink Eye spreads across campus

A string of pink-eye incidents have been reported on Augustana’s campus recently.
Dean Evelyn Campbell received several emails regarding a number of students on campus who had contracted pink eye. In order to take precautions, Campbell and others thought it would be wise to send out some information with tips to help slow the spread.
While Dean Campbell is not aware of how many students have contracted pink eye over the last few weeks, she says that it is a very common occurrence on college campuses and that Augustana is not the only college facing this problem.
The email gave students information about the nearest medical facility, as well as personal care tips from the CDC for getting rid of and preventing the spread of pink eye. This included phone numbers for the medical car that will drive students to doctor’s appointments, during the week, free of charge. The Lucky Cab will take students to medical facilities on weekends as well.
Augustana does not have medical staff on campus, so students must make use of the nearest express care medical facility on 19th Street in Moline. For more information on the medical facility students can click a link provided in the email from Dean Campbell.
“I think we provide the medical support necessary to provide care for things like this. It’s very straight forward what students need to do,” states Campbell, “It is really a personal care issue.”
First- year student, Austin Nice, was one of the many students who contracted pink eye over the last few weeks.
“I think I got it from lifting in the weight room at Carver or from the Delta Chi formal last weekend, where a number of people with pink eye were swimming in a pool,” states Nice.
He adds that a number of football players had begun to contract pink eye. The team has been taking precautions by sending people home from lifting and having them sit out of practice until they have had the medicated drops in their eyes.
“The pink eye lasted about 2-3 days once I got drops,” states Nice, “It was the first time I have had it in both eyes.”
Pink eye has a lot to do with personal care. The email from Dean Campbell recommends always washing your hands, avoiding sharing pillowcases, makeup, contact cases, towels, eyeglasses and eye drops. For students who have not contracted pink eye the information from the CDC recommends avoiding rubbing their eyes and clean, store, and replace contact lenses as instructed by their doctor.
Dean Campbell urges students to take care of themselves and seek medical help when necessary.
“Students need to be aware of their behaviors in relation to their own health and safety. Going to the doctor, not sharing water, and maintaining good health,” states Campbell.

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Pink Eye spreads across campus