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Jordan and Reagan-eras create current unrest

Sports fans in Chicago are decidedly intense about their team’s successes and failures. So much so, it appears to be clouding their judgment in a way that is eerily similar to the anger of conservative voters.
After missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008 the Chicago Bulls are in disrepair. Standing on the laurels of team’s decades earlier, they have failed to make any significant strides in regaining glory since exiting the “Baby Bulls” era.
Where there is failure, blame follows shortly. However, fans cannot seem to agree on what the issue is.
Scapegoats have ranged from Gar-Pax’s stubbornness, Hoiberg’s incompetence, Rose’s frailty, and overall poor player development. The list of problems with the bulls could be a book in and of itself, but the key takeaway here is that fans are pissed.
There has been public outcry open for the resignation of management, player trades, and complete overhaul of the organization.
Now doesn’t that sound just a tad familiar? Conservative voters across the nation are enraged by the size of the government, the recent domination of left-leaning policies and programs, the congressional cartel, and the power exerted by President Obama.
Still, it would appear that not a single conservative can agree on the details of a solution.
The problem is that Chicago Bulls fans, much like conservative voters, are living in the past. Holding a Bulls team to the expectations created by a dynasty in the 1990s seems unjust when looking at the specific cogs within the organization.
The Bulls of the 90s had the greatest player who ever lived, a hall of fame coach, and a front-office that took huge risks. If you think trading for a 34-year old cross-dressing rebounder who formerly played for a conference rival wasn’t a risky move, a reevaluation of your thought process might be necessary.
Asking politicians to navigate a vastly different political climate the same way they had in years past seems asinine, in the same way that expecting a rookie coach to take over a playoff-ready team does.
Current voters revere the principles of conservatism as laid out by Ronald Reagan or Antonin Scalia, but haven’t the slightest idea what actually needs to be done.
Obviously, asking politicians to take risks that could put lives in danger is not wise. But, New Deal programs such as the Social Security, SNAP, Medicaid, and Medicare were monumental shifts in policy that resulted in multiple generations receiving otherwise non-existent aid.
Have these programs outgrown their original purpose? Probably. But, calling for total overhaul without any plausible replacements or solutions is useless.
Derrick Rose is not the second coming of Michael Jordan, and Donald Trump is certainly not the modern-day Ronald Reagan.
Fans and voters have unrealistic, fantasy-type expectations and have severely overvalued certain individuals. During the 1990s Jordan punched and bullied teammates, had a gambling addiction, and cheated on his wife. Kids today still watch his highlights in awe.
Politically, Reagan created the system of mass incarceration, ignored an AIDS epidemic, and provided funding for both sides of the Iran-Iraq war. Yet, his name is inescapable.
Bull’s fans and conservative voters only see what they want to. They elevate their leaders to such a level that no wrong could have possibly been done by them.
Progress in the future necessitates and accurate, honest evaluation of the past. Right now, that has not been achieved in either case.

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Jordan and Reagan-eras create current unrest