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Rozz Tox with Dan DiMonte and the Bad Assettes (DO NOT PUBLISH)

For music lovers, there are plenty of places around the Quad Cities to jam out, such as Rozz-Tox, located right here in Rock Island.

Rozz-Tox frequently hosts musical shows in their cafe, so it is a nice place to eat out with friends and get to listen to some local music artists.

On April 22, Dan Dimonte and the Bad Assettes will be performing their show. 

When asked, DiMonte explained how he got involved in music and why he decided to have a career in music: “Well, I have two careers, actually. I am a musician as well as a nurse. My music habit started with my father teaching me trumpet in 4th grade. From there, I learned piano, guitar, percussion, and started to sing. My senior year of high school, I started dabbling in serious songwriting and singing, but those chops didn’t really develop until my studies at the University of Iowa.”

Dimonte has also had so many experiences through performing through the U of I jazz ensembles and the Newman Catholic Student Center’s music program, which has influenced him as an artist today.

Dan Dimonte and the Bad Assettes play a wide genre range at their shows. Dan described their band as, “a rock band comprised of jazz musicians in disguise. Jazz is more than a genre. It’s an upbringing and continuing mindset with which one approaches their art. My music is very blatantly not jazz in the traditional sense (although it is very improvisation-based), but my consciousness is still that of a “jazz musician”. Dimonte also said that  “we love recording music, but it’s a more stimulating experience live than through earbuds. So, bring your ears and bring your buds out to Rozz-Tox!”

Since Dan DiMonte and the Bad Assettes are a local group, I asked what advice he has for local upcoming artists. He said, “to never stop creating, giving, and connecting… I’ll just let the aspiring musicians fill in the blanks.”

Some of the band’s upcoming shows include, “Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Rochester the weekend after we come to the Quad Cities (28-30th)… These shows are all to promote our new single, which is entitled “Dance with Her”. Stay tuned for future tour dates and news on!”

Dan DiMonte and the the Bad Assettes are performing at Rozz-Tox’s on Friday April 22, 2016. They have some of there music on their website and will be around the Midwest performing for the next couple of weeks. Since we are located in the Quad Cities, we have the opportunity to listen to unique local artists, who we would normally not have the opportunity to experience live.

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Rozz Tox with Dan DiMonte and the Bad Assettes (DO NOT PUBLISH)