The hierarchy of Greek life is not for everyone

While stress is an infamous commonality within the world of spring terms, there was one thing wrong with the stress I felt for a short amount of time beginning the first week back from spring break. I had returned back at school to discover a bid that I was hoping and praying for during my time back at home.
To be frank, I was skeptical of fraternities and sororities due to the common misconceptions that they come with: partying, drinking, and bullying.  Thankfully, they lived above that stereotype and were kind, fun, and good people. But I noticed something did not feel right about the night ahead.
Within a few hours of receiving a big, the weight of the world seemed to ghost over my shoulders all over one small thing: pledging. And although I am not against the “sisterhood” or the “brotherhood” between students here at Augustana and elsewhere, I find it astonishing the level of pressure placed upon the individuals involved.
I went through the pledging process the first night back, and that is when I knew that I had to make a serious decision on if I wanted to feel this way.
I dropped from pledging all because of one thing: it made me feel lesser.
And despite the fact I watch it constantly, this is not the hierarchical system of Game of Thrones. I came to college to be myself for myself. I did not come here to bow down to rules I did not find relevant or understandable.
I did not mind wearing the same clothes or reciting oaths of secrecy.  I did not mind the wild goose chase that they put us through. What I did mind was the yelling and snarky remarks said at the members that were training to be sisters and brothers.  What I did mind was that I felt disrespected as a person while going through the process.
I did not feel at home with the people I was surrounded by. And while they were lovely and strong women, I did not have any hesitation to leave the group that I had been bid for.
Simply put, I feel that dropping was the best decision for me as a student.  Social Greek Life was not something that I found a home in, and though in the beginning it was fun, it is not for me and many other students here.
Since dropping, I have found a home within the arms of a service fraternity. Knowing your limits, who you are, and what you want in a family are the only things you need to know to find a forever home here at college.
The hierarchy of Greek Life is not for everyone, but finding a family away from home should be.