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    Official SGA Election Endorsement: Bentley ticket, first choice

    The Augustana Observer endorses Charlie Bentley and Sarah Funke. The pair is running for SGA president and vice-president for the 2016-17 school year.

    Experience and action are two hallmarks that make Charlie Bentley and Sarah Funke our choice. The Augustana Observer is confident in their endorsement of these student leaders. Not only do Bentley and Funke have the most experience with the Student Government Association (SGA), they are a cohesive team that is actively involved in the Augustana community. With six years combined experience and a strong platform to empower students, the pair is properly equipped to move SGA forward.
    With the recent announcement of their selection of sophomore Allan Daly on Facebook, it is clear that they intend to be transparent and open about their administration and its decisions by communicating effectively.
    Not only are they the first pair to announce a cabinet choice, they highlighted Daly’s experience and dedication to the role. Their emphasis is on actions, rather than words. The other campaigns seem to be built on ideas that are unrealistic or unnecessary. The priorities that the Bentley-Funke ticket have decided to emphasize is the key: realistic goals.
    While other candidates had decent ideas and proposals, many of their expectations were unrealistic for the campus to achieve within a year. Addressing issues like diversity are essential, but the plans they discussed were impractical and ill-considered. The professionalism and comprehension concerning attainable changes was clearly displayed by Bentley and Funke during the debate.
    With this endorsement comes the  expectation that the Bentley-Funke ticket will be open-minded, engaged with the student body and be accountable for the actions of the SGA administration. The previous administrations have been lacking in the areas of communication, accessibility and transparency. We’re optimistic, based on the rhetoric and enthusiasm exhibited by these two candidates.
    While student groups are still confused about SGA procedures, advancements and financial proposals. Bentley and Funke have the greatest potential out of the candidate pool to bridge the gap between SGA, the administration and students.

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    Official SGA Election Endorsement: Bentley ticket, first choice