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LEGO showcase at Figge

As spring slowly creeps into the midwest, the Figge Art Museum in Davenport has been putting up its newest special exhibitions, LEGO: The Art of Architecture in the Katz Gallery and the 2016 Young Artists at the Figge in Mary Waterman Gildehaus Gallery.
Both exhibits leave the viewer reminiscing back to the days of their own artistic explorations and construction projects. While the artwork may seem simple, everyone gets to walk away with a satisfying sense of nostalgia for the car ride home.
On display from February 20 to May 29, The Art of Architecture showcases twelve large-scale LEGO models of several well-known constructions, many of which are Chicago-based. These include the John Hancock Building, Willis Tower, Chicago Spire, Trump Tower, and Marina City.
Among  other world-famous structures represented are the Empire State Building and the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.
Modern architecture is commonly the main inspiration for Adam Reed Tucker, the artist behind the plastic renditions of structural masterworks. Taking measurements and scaling them down, he brings together thousands of the simplest LEGO bricks and hinges into complex and iconic shapes.
Each of the models on display will be accompanied by a photograph of the real landmark taken by Moline artist Hunt Harris.
The most intensive replica is that of the Burj Khalifa, taking 280 hours dedicated to designing, prior to the 340 hours it took to put 450,300 LEGO pieces together. The result is a monumental project standing at the total height of 17 feet 6 inches (1/150 in scale).Also on display in the Figge is the  2016 Young Artists exhibition on display from February 20 to May 22. This exhibit displays the artwork of elementary students from seven school districts in Illinois and Iowa. These include North Scott, Geneseo, Moline, Muscatine, Davenport, Bettendorf, and Pleasant Valley. Each district’s pieces will be presented separately during their own specific set of dates.
The shortest and seemingly least intricate piece is the Transamerica Pyramid from San Francisco, California (4 feet in height, 1/210 scale), designed and built in less than 60 hours and only 4,800 LEGO pieces.
With Tucker’s careful choices and meticulous assembly of the bricks, his architectural miniatures precisely reflect the world renowned buildings’ outstanding features. For LEGO’s loyal fans, this exhibition is not something to be missed!
March 19 to March 27, followed by Muscatine on April 2.
For more information on the Figge Art Museum, or exhibit dates and information, check out their website at
Admission is free to students with a valid ID.

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LEGO showcase at Figge