Trump conveys offensive speech


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s supporters cheer as they rally at the Mississippi Valley fair grounds in Davneport. (Photo By: Ryan Jenkins)

Donald Trump, one of the most popular presidential candidates for the 2016 campaign, was in Davenport this past weekend. He has blatantly expressed himself thus far in his campaign by touching upon immigrants and Muslims in America. He wants to create a wall to block Mexicans from coming into the country that he claimed were “rapists.”
He has recently stated for Muslims to wear IDs that identify them as Muslim as well as for them to be blocked from entering the country. These extremist views are not addressing the topics of immigration or terrorism at hand. The underlying tone that Trump conveys is offensive and racist. Some might argue that he is the only candidate running that isn’t afraid to speak his mind. In actuality, he might just be the one candidate who does not think about what he is saying or the large amounts of people he is offending. To assume that Mexicans are rapists or to shine terrorists and Muslims into the same limelight only further perpetuates stereotypes in our country that does us no good.
Trump is a prim example of someone who is popular not on how well he is addressing issues, but because of the newsworthy, rude demeanor in what he says. As the 2016 presidential campaign continues, I wonder who Trump might offend next.