Chicago protests are effective, odd

Protests have started in Chicago this past week over the case of Laquan McDonald’s death in late 2014. The case of McDonald was a video that shows him being shot nearly 16 times. The surveillance video was deleted according to a Chicago Burger King manager. The officer who shot McDonald, Jason Van Dyke, has been charged with first degree murder.
The protests are in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement and have been increasing as they are receiving more attention through the news and social media. During Thanksgiving weekend, the protesters damaged the City of Chicago’s Christmas tree as they ripped off the lights. They did not allow Black Friday shoppers to enter stores in downtown Chicago.
Through social media posts, no one really shared any of their thoughts on the protests until they had a chance to disagree with the lights taken off a tree or shoppers not being allowed to shop. These actions are odd, because they aren’t making a commentary on the shooting directly, but they are getting valid points across.
The protestors are angry and want to direct people’s attention to the death of McDonald by getting in the way of society’s status quo for the time being.
These actions are getting in the face of the public as it showcases their frustration. Peaceful or not, it got people talking and will hopefully highlight the injustice of the case.