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Syrian Refugees stir fear

The terrorist attacks in Paris incited fear across the world and intensified the discussion over the handling of the crisis in Syria. Policy portrayals versus actual implemented policies show stark differences.
News media will have the average citizen believe that Syrian refugees pose a severe threat to national security. Political commentary has purported that the U.S. is going to admit hundreds of thousands of hijab-clad soldiers of terror that will pervade quaint neighborhoods and schools across the country.
Political elites have proposed providing refuge for Christian Syrians only or the creation of “registries” to keep track of refugees every move. Additionally, over half of American Governors have attempted to block resettlement of refugees within their states, citing concern for their constituent’s safety.
Despite the complete unconstitutionality of all the aforementioned policies, the notion of such actions seems to validate the concerns perpetuated by news media and assorted political elites. Luckily, for the scared-senseless American, there should be little to worry about. The United States, self-appointed “global leader” of political and military affairs, has decided to relinquish its role when dealing with humanitarian efforts.
According to the European Commission on Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, there are nearly 13.5 million people within Syria in need of humanitarian assistance (food, water, etc.). So far, 6.5 million have been forced from their home, and nearly 4 million await entry into other countries.
From those totals, U.S. law will only allow admittance of 10,000 Syrians over the next fiscal year. To put it in perspective, Germany accepted 92,991 Syrians from 2012 to Sept. 2015 and plans to accept roughly 800,000 more, per the New York Times.
Since we are not accepting hordes of Syrian, then what are the chances the ever-mentioned “bad egg” makes it into the stingy American basket? Answer: probably pretty low.
Refugees are subject to the strictest background and health checks of any immigrant. The process to gain asylum in America typically takes around 18 months.
Also, nearly 67% of Syrians referred to the U.S. have been under the age of 12 or women, according to
The event in Paris has been used by American media and political elite to push for preferred policies.
Presidential candidates have positioned the event as reasons for loosened gun control, expanded military spending and even stricter monitoring of Muslims.
Even though people have been fleeing Syria since 2011, the issue has now jumped to the top of the agenda.
Unfortunately, the discussion has been all wrong. America was founded by those seeking refuge from religious persecution. Now, we have the gall to villainize those in need and turn them away. Shame on us.

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Syrian Refugees stir fear