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Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts to undergo large-scale renovation in future

Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts has never been the site of a large-scale restoration project; however, it looks to be in the foreseeable future.

According to Kent Barnds, vice president of enrollment, communication and planning, construction will hopefully begin at some point in 2017.

The plans for the renovation, according to the Campus Master Plan, will take place over the course of six years at an estimated cost of $12 to $15 million. The project will entail reconfiguring the College Center and Bergendoff.

“The potential addition to Bergendoff Hall is a new entrance that will most likely include common space/lounge, a multimedia classroom and a multipurpose meeting/resource space,” Barnds said. “This is likely to be on the south side of the building where the 7th Ave. entrance is.”

According to Barnds, Bergendoff has received constant improvements since its original construction in the 1950s. For instance, the carpet and ceiling tiles within the building have been replaced in the last three years as well as an ensemble room added to Bergendoff in the 1990s. Barnds said that these changes have been mostly cosmetic.

“We will undertake, in upcoming years, a large-scale renovation of Bergendoff,” Barnds said.

Barnds said that renovations, such as the expected one to Bergendoff, are dependent on time, institutional resources and need.

“In 2003 and 2004, the college employed a firm to come in and do a master plan,” Barnds said.

The plan was initiated in order to serve as a guide for prioritizing goals for the improvement of Augustana’s campus.

Sam Schlouch, director of public relations, provided the Campus Master Plan: Augustana 2020 as reference for more specific goals Augustana has for Bergendoff and beyond.

The Campus Master Plan states the following, in regards to the strategic goal of creating more integrated experiences on campus:

“Develop the Corner for Augustana Arts at 7th Ave. and 38th St.: Renovate Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts to advance student learning outcomes for music and other areas of the fine and performing arts; assess the feasibility of repurposing the College Center dining room and adjacent spaces into a theatre and other working spaces for the Department of Theatre Arts.”

The plan shows that renovating Bergendoff is a campus priority; however, there must be steps taken before that renovation can begin.

“The project to move theater out of Bergendoff and into the College Center would precede any renovation to Bergendoff,” Barnds said. “The Campus Master Plan establishes goals for improvement to the college and serves as a guide for Augustana’s administration and the faculty-advisory committee to the administration.

Augustana College’s Board of Trustees and Campus Planning Committee are the two groups who initiate projects. Barnds staffs the planning committee and ensures they have the renovation of Bergendoff at the top of their priority list.

“Bergendoff has not received as much renovation in the past, but it is an institutional priority now,” Barnds said.

Augustana College has began the process of contacting people who would potentially be interested in contributing financially to the Bergendoff renovation project.

“We’re at a point now where we’ve started putting the plan to paper,” Barnds said. “Now, Bergendoff is more of a reality than ever before.”

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Bergendoff Hall of Fine Arts to undergo large-scale renovation in future