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Bergendoff Spotlight: alumna returns to roots

Event planning itself is hard enough, what with logistics, timing, and organization of details. Imagine having to do that while direct and run a music activity such as a band or choir. Well that’s where Lauren Reid, the manager of Performance Tours and Arts Promotion, comes in. And that’s not even all that she does as manager.
Reid works in the ticket office. “My top priorities, or objectives, is to plan Christmas at Augustana, Messiah, and then the Augustana Choir and Augustana Symphonic Band tours.”
Both ensembles tour annually, going to different locations each year, and even go overseas once every three years. It’s Lauren’s job to plan both logistics and promotion for both ensembles each year.
“The other side of what I do deals more with promoting on campus events for the fine and performing arts,” said Reid.
Reid went into detail over the different jobs she has with each department, along with her involvement as the office of communication and marketing. While it makes her busy, she appreciates the variety and the supplementary feeling.
Reid is also an alumni of Augustana. She graduated in 2012, and spent the 13 months in South Korea teaching English to children and teenagers. “That was definitely an experience that got me out of my comfort zone,” said Reid.
She then worked at an office manufacturing company for a short before being offered a position at Augustana. She jumped for the opportunity to work on campus again.
The students involved in the fine arts departments have appreciated her return, including juniors Steven Mondloch and Brian Kuntz.
“There were students that are seniors now who were freshmen when she was still in choir,” said Mondloch.
Mondloch went on the twenty day tour with the choir over the summer, which Reid organized and accompanied.
“I was incapacitated (by food poising at one point) and had to miss a concert. While Lauren was keeping track of 60 people in our choir and making sure all of the stuff that we need for the concert is getting to the right place, she was also running around trying to get Advil for like the four or five people who had food poisoning at the same time… She’s just awesome, she’s great,” said Mondloch.
Kuntz also had nice things about Reid, who helped organized the Symphonic Band tour over Spring break earlier this year.
“For her first time I think she did a really nice job. There was always something to do, she coordinated everything really well. I felt like there were no bumps in the road,” said Kuntz.
There is also sophomore Amanda Whelan, who works for Reid as the Promotions Assistant for the Fine Arts Department. She has gained a lot of experience working under Reid, especially when it comes to utilizing the worldof social media for the benefit of the Arts Departments.
“Working for Lauren has been a very enlightening experience so far. I think a lot of times we take for granted the power of social media, and in the short time I’ve worked with her I’ve realized how much of an impact it can really make when it comes to pulling off a successful event,” said Whelan.
Reid has been mostly excited with implanting social media outlets in order to share information and photos about each of the departments, especially for upcoming events. You can find the music department, theater department, and the art museum on Facebook, and the Symphonic band and choir on Facebook and even Twitter.

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Bergendoff Spotlight: alumna returns to roots