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Eldredge breaks country mold

Brett Eldredge’s country album, “Illinois,” takes a chance and scores big. Rather than following the way of the country  music genre, he manages to create cross overs so that the album is not just strictly country.
Songs that seem to fit this theme of being less within the genre include “Fire,” with its thrusting beat and ecstatic tune,  “Shadow,” a hard hitting song that comments on our alter egos when we drink, and “You Can’t Stop Me.”
“You can’t stop me,” featuring Thomas Rhett, his touring partner, creates a kind of jam that seems to be the love child of country and the 70’s. “Shadow” almost stands out the most in the album. It’s a good song, but it takes the furthest leap from being identified as a country song which may not be to everyone’s liking, even with a good message.
Not all of the album cuts out the country. The catchy feel of “Lose My Mind,” the contemplative and prideful tune “Illinois,” and many others still retain that country twang.
“Illinois” captures the feel of southern culture in a Midwestern state. It reminds us how much of a diverse state Illinois is in terms of setting, especially when comparing the rural to urban and suburban areas.
“Lose My Mind” is a high intensity rhythmic way of reminding us all how girls can simply make us guys go crazy to the point where she is all we think about.
His music video showcases this, portraying Eldredge in a straitjacket inside of a mental institution.
Not all of Eldredge’s album is this strong, however. “Wanna Be That Song,” while creative and original, just doesn’t stand out. “Drunk On Your Love,” while following the theme of having different tones that wouldn’t normally be country, comes out as flat and boring.
“Illinois” is Eldredge’s sophomore album, showcases that he’s got something different and special in his work, and shows that he’s willing to take risks in order to stand out in the country crowd.
He has a lot of potential to rock the country world, and reel in fans that don’t don’t usually listen to country. Released on September 11th, fans can find his album on the iTunes market for $9.99.

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Eldredge breaks country mold