Album Review: Look to the Stars

In his new album, Look to the Stars, composer Cristopher Haigh of british record label Gothic Storm Music has created music that is exciting, relaxing, soft, and intense all in one compact disc. Written as a sequel to his album Epic Emotional Piano, the album faces an expectation of sweeping orchestral lines all centered around a intense piano theme. As epic music, these albums pose a challenge to musical theory as to whether music truly can convey emotion, or simply induce it.
The album, released Sept. 4, has already found its way into the hearts and playlists of epic music fans worldwide, even without having been released long enough to show popularity bars on iTunes. The whole album, 13 tracks and over forty minutes of music, costs only $10 on iTunes and $13 on Google Play. All of the tracks, including “All that we are,” and “Anti-Hero,” are much like “Look to the Stars” in the sense that they draw out more reflective and somber emotions, versus the heart pounding drive incited by many composers and styles within the epic music genre. Haigh proves once again that epic music can be both sensitive and exhilarating. That the two are not mutually exclusive traits in their application to music. The track “Conscious Deception” centers around a series of driving repetitions that feel at times seems as paradoxical as the title.
The title song of the album, “Look to the Stars,” comes in two versions, one with and one without, a choral vocal component. Both versions, though each under three minutes, is filled with a drive that is both inspiring and reflective for the listener. When the choral line is included, it adds a whole new tambre to the piece by acting as a sort of descant in the orchestral ensemble.
For those looking for more excellent music by Haigh, albums Massive Rocktronica and Rockestral Euphoria display even more styles and emotional values to his complex composition style.
Christopher Haigh is both composer and creative director for Gothic Storm Music. His works have been featured in action packed movies such as Insurgent, Edge of tomorrow, X-men: Days of future past, and even the video trailer for video game “Dying Light: The Bozak Horde” DLC launch trailer. To check out more music by Haigh and Gothic Storm music, you can check out their albums on iTunes, website, or their Facebook pages Gothic Storm Music and Chris Haigh Music.