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Review: Netflix's "Daredevil" is a dark turn for Marvel

Netflix has another hit on its hands. “Daredevil,” the latest binge-watching sensation, brings a much more dark and real tone to the current Marvel Universe, making it unlike anything Marvel has done.
Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock who, by day, is a lawyer in the crime-ridden New York neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, but, by night, is the masked vigilante Daredevil.
After Murdock and his witty law partner Foggy Nelson (played by Elden Henson) take on what looks like a simple murder case leads them to a human-trafficking ring.
It also leads to an underground drug trade run by the villainous Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) who is perfectly played by Vincent D’Onofrio.
The unique twist to the character of Murdock and his alter-ego is that he was left blind as a child after a radioactive chemical spill. His remaining four senses are heightened with near-superhuman accuracy.
“Daredevil” offers a refreshing new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of its simplicity.
The story, plot twists and character growth benefit from its 13-episode season because they are given enough time to develop without feeling rushed.
Besides its darker tone, what makes “Daredevil” unique is its realness.
It stands out from other Marvel works, because every scene is not bombarded by action and computer-generated effects.
During flashbacks, the relationship between Murdock and his father, a boxer who fights for money for them to get by, is just one of many relationships in the show that helps it take a step back from the action and get to know the characters.
Daredevil, after all, is only a human under his mask. He is not immortal or indestructible and the show does a good job remembering that fact.
The darker tone is very reminiscent of renowned comic book artist and writer Frank Miller’s works, who is known for reviving the character of Daredevil in early 1980s comic books.
Since many of Miller’s comics have been made into well-received films already, like “300” and “Sin City,” it was inevitable that this would get a great (albeit second) adaptation.
“Daredevil” was added to the Netflix streaming service on April 10 and quickly made its way to the top of the “Popular on Netflix” menu.
It is no surprise given the current hype for upcoming Marvel films set to release this summer.
“Daredevil” is thrilling, well-designed and a great series to binge-watch.
It will be a pleasant surprise for those who are tired of the run-of-the-mill superhero story.

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Review: Netflix's "Daredevil" is a dark turn for Marvel