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Review: Fall Out Boy finds a new sound

Fall Out Boy has changed a lot since they gained popularity 10 years ago, but they haven’t lost their quality. The alternative rock band made a comeback in 2013, and their new album, “American Psycho/American Beauty,” shows they’re heading in a new direction.
While Fall Out Boy has moved into a more hip-hop and electronic sound, that doesn’t mean their old style cannot still be found throughout their latest songs.
On the new album, released on Jan. 24, the chorus in “Irresistible,”  and the song itself, is a throwback to the old days while still maintaining their new style.
“Centuries,”  which was released as a single before the album, is a great pump up and work out song. It will indeed be played for centuries, as it is arguably one of their strongest works, at least on this album.
“Immortals,” also a single, was featured in the sound track of Disney Pixar’s “Big Hero 6.”  While the chorus is inspiring and the hook that opens up the song is catchy, the overall song is very simplistic, and aimed more towards a younger audience that would end up watching the film.
“Uma Thurman” is a strange yet clever title for another song on the new album. Sharing the same name as the actress from “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill,” the song even has the guitar riff from “The Munsters” theme, the song Thurman and John Travolta dance to in Pulp Fiction.
It makes sense too, since the lyrics literally say “dance like Uma Thurman.” Even with the outdated Munsters’ sample, the song is catchy enough to dance to.
“American Beauty/American Psycho,” the song, is another hit that brings back some of the original Fall Out Boy sound. With its catchy lyrics and upbeat style, it would be great to hear more of these tracks in the future.
Ever since they came back from their break two years ago, Fall Out Boy has been successfully doing what they do best.
They seem to have changed themselves to keep up with today’s standards of music well. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s not old rehashed music. They are making an effort to change and be original. Here’s hoping it works out, because this album shows their potential.

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Review: Fall Out Boy finds a new sound