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In-person symposium day engages students

Feven Zewdu October 14, 2021

Symposium day is a time of learning for students held every semester, with alumni and scholars coming to speak to students about different issues. This year’s theme was Environments: Our Cultural, Social...

Virtual Symposium Day provides advantages for the community

Maria Fernanda Rubi October 26, 2020

Augustana held the first virtual Symposium Day consisting of live and pre-recorded sessions on Oct. 17. According to the Symposium Day Committee and some presenters, this format was expected to provide...

Students exposed to learning alternatives during Symposium Day

Aubrey Lathrop October 17, 2019

On Oct. 9, Augustana hosted the traditional Symposium Day for the first time on the new semester schedule. Students attended sessions based on a central theme that replaced classes for the day. Three keynote...

Hugging it out doesn’t solve racism, change does

Sarah Kayali January 21, 2019

On Symposium Day one of the lectures I attended was titled “Real Talk: I’m Not Racist.” The main focus of this presentation was a YouTube video published on November 28 of 2017 called “I’m not...

Symposium Day is doing better

Alex McLean October 4, 2018

I wrote about Symposium Day each term last year. I still have all sorts of negative opinions about the event (see Augustana risks letting liberal arts fail), but I want to attempt to be a little more positive...

“Telling the stories that need to be told without fear or favor”: Leonard Pitts Jr., Symposium Day featured speaker, discusses journalism in 2018

“Telling the stories that need to be told without fear or favor”: Leonard Pitts Jr., Symposium Day featured speaker, discusses journalism in 2018

Shanela Ranaraja September 20, 2018

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a columnist for the Miami Herald. He is the author of three novels, with a fourth coming out in February 2019. He writes about politics and racial violence in America and his columns...

The making of Symposium Day

Brittnany Nelson January 25, 2018

Wednesday, Jan. 17, Augustana students had the luxury of not having any classes, as well as many opportunities to attend different sessions for winter term’s Symposium Day. The theme for this term was...

Augustana risks letting liberal arts education fail

October 12, 2017

Welcome to Augustana, where a liberal arts education takes “liberal” literally. Symposium Day occurred on September 28th and was themed “Transformation”, perhaps to detail transformation in society? If...

Symposium Day blood drive sends message

September 28, 2017

Professor Meg Gillette and her foundations track honors students are holding a blood drive on Symposium Day from 10am to 3pm in PepsiCo Recreation Center. Foundations students plan to use this blood drive...

Symposium Day opens minds to privilege

January 20, 2017

Symposium Day on Jan. 18 offered students and faculty a chance to understand different perspectives and ideals with the overall theme of "Privilege", through keynote speakers and sessions during a time...

SGA holds Residential Hall Representative elections

Rachel Leman September 23, 2016

On Thursday, Sept. 15, the Student Government Association held their fourth meeting. Big topics of this meeting were Residential Hall Representative elections, Symposium Day, and Student Activities. Broken...

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