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Augie needs a research renaissance: Navigating student opportunities at Augustana

Chloe Baxter November 25, 2023

In higher education, the relationship between teaching and research plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals. Augustana College, as a liberal arts institution, aims to provide students...

Who are you again? Oh, the guest speaker

Taylor Roth November 25, 2023

Going to class day-to-day is part of the college experience, with the usual tests and quizzes popping up out of the blue and the rare chances professors let students out of class early. However, on the...

Jean Seberg: Behind the activist and actress

Morin Windle October 20, 2023

“Jean Seberg: Actress, Activist, Icon” was featured at the annual Symposium Day, held Wednesday Oct. 11. The theme this year was Transformation, and this film was selected because of Jean Seberg’s...

Students line up to talk with alum Haley DeGreve at the end of the Gray Matters session.

What is the point of Symposium Day?

Hailey Glasnovich October 22, 2022

Symposium Days at Augustana take place once per semester to offer diverse opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. In the fall, the focus is on the Augie Reads topic for the year,...

Augustana Alum Haley DeGreve ends her presentation Civil Discourse and Mental Health with heartfelt words of affirmation on Oct. 12, 2022.

Mental health support highlighted as midterms loom

Feven Zewdu October 21, 2022

As midterms approach, Augustana increasingly advertises mental health services around campus. In addition to notices in the student bulletin and posters placed in academic buildings, an alum returned to...

Symposium day success with Civil Discourse

Caitlin Campbell October 19, 2022

On Wednesday Oct. 12, Augustana College celebrated its 11th fall Symposium Day, with the theme of ‘Civil Discourse.’ Though it is difficult to define civil discourse, it is generally understood...

In-person symposium day engages students

Feven Zewdu October 14, 2021

Symposium day is a time of learning for students held every semester, with alumni and scholars coming to speak to students about different issues. This year’s theme was Environments: Our Cultural, Social...

Virtual Symposium Day provides advantages for the community

María Fernanda Rubí October 26, 2020

Augustana held the first virtual Symposium Day consisting of live and pre-recorded sessions on Oct. 17. According to the Symposium Day Committee and some presenters, this format was expected to provide...

Students exposed to learning alternatives during Symposium Day

Aubrey Lathrop October 17, 2019

On Oct. 9, Augustana hosted the traditional Symposium Day for the first time on the new semester schedule. Students attended sessions based on a central theme that replaced classes for the day. Three keynote...

Hugging it out doesn’t solve racism, change does

Sarah Kayali January 21, 2019

On Symposium Day one of the lectures I attended was titled “Real Talk: I’m Not Racist.” The main focus of this presentation was a YouTube video published on November 28 of 2017 called “I’m not...

Symposium Day is doing better

Alex McLean October 4, 2018

I wrote about Symposium Day each term last year. I still have all sorts of negative opinions about the event (see Augustana risks letting liberal arts fail), but I want to attempt to be a little more positive...

“Telling the stories that need to be told without fear or favor”: Leonard Pitts Jr., Symposium Day featured speaker, discusses journalism in 2018

“Telling the stories that need to be told without fear or favor”: Leonard Pitts Jr., Symposium Day featured speaker, discusses journalism in 2018

Shanela Ranaraja September 20, 2018

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a columnist for the Miami Herald. He is the author of three novels, with a fourth coming out in February 2019. He writes about politics and racial violence in America and his columns...

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