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Marijuana pardons give student voters high hopes but limited action

Marijuana pardons give student voters high hopes but limited action

Chloe Baxter October 22, 2022

On Oct. 6th, President Biden pardoned low-level marijuana possession charges. However, the President’s recent pardons are only a reflection of the Biden administration’s attempts to satisfy the voter...

Weed on campus: Should it be allowed?

Najiah Osborne October 17, 2021

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States. 48.2 million people use the drug on a regular basis, and about 18 percent of Americans used it once, as of the year 2019.  Federally,...

Photo illustration featuring vaping, a legal activity, by Brady Johnson.

Marijuana usage on Augustana’s campus will remain a pipe dream

Brady Johnson December 4, 2019

When students 21 of age come back to Rock Island in January, they can smoke marijuana without fear of the law, except when it comes to Augie’s campus. The DEA categorizes drugs into schedules of being...

Marijuana will be legalized in January 2020

Aubrey Lathrop November 21, 2019

Recreational marijuana use and distribution will become legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020. However, different restrictions can be placed on the industry by smaller legislations within the state, including...

Weed documentaries help prepare for legalization

Collin Schopp November 21, 2019

With the legalization of marijuana just around the corner in Illinois, there are lots of questions to be answered. It’s a big change, and the potential consumers are going to be looking for more information...

Graphic by Alyssa Duckett.

Vaping addiction is not cute anymore

Michelle Quinn September 26, 2019

In the past, college students woke up in the middle of the night and checked their phone to see how much time they had left to sleep. It is sad to say that in today’s day and age, most college students...

Illinois Considers Legalizing Weed

April 6, 2017

Last week, we heard news that Illinois was considering being one of the many states that would legalize recreational use of weed. Naturally, as a Coloradan, I feel compelled to talk a lot about this topic. Obviously,...

More benefits than medicine

September 18, 2014

Medical marijuana has become legal in thirty-five states, including Illinois, as a treatment for various diseases and specific health problems. In Illinois, medical marijuana can be used to treat thirty-four...

Medical marijuana facilities to open in Rock Island

September 18, 2014

The Rock Island City Council approved to sell a second site within the city to A.Hanna LLC last week, a company hoping to gain approval to use the land as a cultivation center for medical marijuana. In...

Editorial: Step toward pot decriminalization also step toward less racist society

April 2, 2014

Recent ordinance amendments made by the Rock Island City Council have made it possible to receive only a city citation for marijuana possession of 10 grams or less. This shift toward decriminalizing recreational...

Legalization could be most logical choice

September 9, 2013

There have been many recent progressive changes to the way marijuana has been treated legally and socially around the United States. Several states have made use of the drug legal in instances where it...

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