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Augustana Has A Service Animal Crisis

Kiera Kunstman November 14, 2019

For a person with a disability, a service animal becomes their own form of life support. A lot of staff and students don’t recognize how vital a service animal is, just because they have not been given...

Editor Column: Media, stop killing my dog

Brady Johnson January 16, 2019

As an audience member, seeing plenty of violent movies does not faze me. Yet, there is one act of violence that shatters my attention to the screen: killing my beloved dog. I can watch Michael Meyers...

 Kris Westmoreland (right), helps a customer complete their purchcase at her boutique called Rescued, a store whose funds go to helping homeless animals. The store is located at 2105 16th St., Moline.
Photo by Christine Beach.

Boutique benefits homeless animals

October 1, 2015

Rescued, a boutique that benefits homeless animals in the Quad Cities, made $4,000 in one of week after opening on Sept. 18. The Quad City Animal Welfare Center is one shelter that could benefit from...

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