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The government should shut down the shutdown

Elizabeth Oswalt January 16, 2019

By Lizzie Oswalt, Observer Staff The United States government has been shut down since December 22nd of 2018, becoming the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The cause of the shutdown is because...

Augie’s perspective courses benefit students

Sarah Kayali January 16, 2019

Believe it or not some majors require courses that students are able to fit into 1 or 2 years of college studying. In just one year students are able to graduate with all the courses needed for their major....

Climate change must be solved

Climate change must be solved

Rachel Leman October 18, 2018

I read the news for politics. I find American politics fascinating and important for my life. I vote, so I read the news. While recently there has been no shortage of political news, there’s simultaneously...

Vote, if only for your right to complain

October 22, 2016

Over the past few months, I've learned how to ignore the litany of election-related Facebook posts that overwhelm my newsfeed: stay off Facebook. That, I have found, is the only way. But every once in...

Coming Out of the Blue

October 21, 2016

When I was in eighth grade, I told my best friend at the time that I was bisexual. I did it over Facebook message (to be fair it was when facebook was still cool). Now the two of us approach our twenties,...

The constrictive "natural born citizen" clause

October 14, 2016

According to the Constitution, in order to be eligible to be the President of the United States, a candidate must be a natural born citizen. A natural born citizen refers to someone who was an American...

Voting Third Party and The Idea of Settling

October 13, 2016

With the elections barely a month away, many people this year have began to look at third party candidates. Who can blame them? I’m sure if we had taken a survey on campus there would have been a very...

Light not White Flags

October 7, 2016

Preface: I am not black. I am a white person from the suburbs, so please take this article with a grain of salt. But I’d like to express my sorrow for the black American community. I’d like to write...

Putting the 'B' in LGBTQIA+

October 7, 2016

  Last week was national Bi Visibility Week. I was proud to celebrate as an out bisexual person by sharing an excess amount of informational articles on facebook. And although I’ve been out to my...

Don’t let history repeat itself: plug the pipeline

October 7, 2016

The Dakota Access Pipeline would transfer crude oil from the Bakken and Three Forks oil production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The 1,172 mile pipeline will allow for the transport of 470,000...

Feminism should not be about the “results”

October 7, 2016

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was flipping through one of the old copies of TIME magazine we keep at home. I stopped to read a viewpoint article as its headline captured my eye. Author Ruth Whippman...

I am not a nuclear weapon

September 29, 2016

What’s great about identity is that even when people have things in common, they’re still very unique in their own way. For example, look at the differences between myself and my fellow junior, Audrey...

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