Alexander to perform indie rock 'without the snobbery'

Griffen Alexander poses during a photo shoot promoting the release of his album "The Sound & The Sea." Photo provided by Griffen Alexander.
Griffen Alexander poses during a photo shoot promoting the release of his album “The Sound & The Sea.” Photo provided by Griffen Alexander.

Griffen Alexander will perform a mixture of acoustic and electric music, what he calls “indie rock without the snobbery” and “pop rock without the O.M.G.”
The Office of Student Life (OSL) will host Alexander in the Brew on Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. Alexander will perform songs off his independent album “The Sound & The Sea,” which has been featured on both MTV and Entertainment News.
“I get excited each and every time I wake up and get to make and perform music, and each and every time there are people to listen to the music I create,” Alexander said.
Alexander was highly requested last year, but because of the high cost and the popular demand of the singer, the OSL had to wait a year to invite him onto campus.
“He was a very hot commodity and a lot of people wanted to see him so we made sure that in this year’s planning we had it in our budget to get him here,” said Jessica Capp, co-chair of the OSL.
Alexander, 24, left a record label and decided to make the musical journey as an independent artist fresh out of college.
“I was with was a great company but there are a lot of things not desirable and things were changing so I decided to strike out on my own,” Alexander said.
Alexander reached out to fans on a fundraising website and was able to successfully raise $10,000 to release his second album, “The Sound and the Sea.” The album launched him towards immediate success. His music was featured on CMT and in Vintage Guitar Magazine. He also had the entire album licensed to be featured on networks for song placements in television series.
Alexander said he is looking forward to feeling the energy that Augustana students are going to bring to his show. He said he is excited to share his music with his fans.
Kevin Seelander, who works to organize the OSL, said Alexander is one act that they hope will cater to the different interests of people on campus.
“We want to incorporate the entire school,” Seelander said. “Since we are students at Augustana, it helps when we are choosing the events because we share similar interest in entertainment while booking these acts.”
Admission to Alexander’s live performance is free. You can find more information, such as tour dates, and upcoming music and videos on the artist online at