OSID honors diversity week in Gävle rooms


Abdul-Salam Zakaria

African artifacts for sale at the Diversity Week celebration on April 28, 2023.

Allie Lewis

On Friday, April 28, Augustana held its annual Diversity Week celebration. The Augustana Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity (OSID) was at the forefront of this event and gave a great opportunity to introduce students to some diverse groups on campus. This event was fun, engaging and informative for all who attended. 

OSID worked in collaboration with several groups at Augustana. The groups that had booths at the event included the Office of International Student and Scholar Services, Sexual Assault Prevention Education, TRIO, the Reading Writing Center, Greek Council, Gender Affirming Communications, Asian Students Organization, Augustana’s National Alliance on Mental Illness, HerCampus and representatives  from the disability minor program. 

This event was held in Augstana’s Gävle rooms and each group had their own table. Each table had something unique to offer, which gave students insight into what each specific group offers, along with games and prizes to win. 

Assistant Director of OSID, Daisy Moran, had a big part in putting together this event. The intention behind this event was to create and celebrate diversity there on campus and out in the community. 

“The vision behind this event is to really build community with everyone on campus and in the Quad Cities community,” Moran said. “The celebration is celebrating everybody’s unique identities, their communities that they represent and really come together.” 

Along with the educational booths, organizations offered a DJ, food from a locally-owned food truck, tarot card readings, playing Mario Kart and painting canvases and flower pots. Students were able to dance, eat, educate themselves and celebrate Diversity Week with their peers. 

To receive a ticket to get food, students first had to go around to every table and talk to each group. This gave students a great opportunity to learn more about what each group does and how they impact the Augustana community. 

The TRIO table at the Diversity Week celebration on April 28, 2023. (Abdul-Salam Zakaria)

Moran carefully considered what groups and companies would be involved to create an environment that celebrates diversity.

“I start looking at Diversity Week after J-term,” Moran said. “That’s when we start thinking about the vendors that we want because we always want to diversify our vendors, who are our campus and community partners, that we want to invite to make sure that all are represented and seen when they walk into the event.” 

Augustana is a diverse community, and the purpose of this event is to celebrate everyone and their unique experiences and identities. First-Year Jaryn Garza gave credit to how inclusive this event was for all students. 

“They have a lot of different things for everybody to be able to do, which envelops the whole idea of diversity,” Garza said. “Everybody has something they enjoy doing regardless of where they come from or who they are.” 

The event had an amazing turnout, and there was an overwhelmingly positive response from students. The entertainment and educational aspects were a large attraction for students to come to this event. Sophomore Josie Ramirez has attended this event in the past and volunteered at the tarot card reading table. 

“I just love how it brings up many different components of diversity, helps bring resources, helps bring friends together, meet new people and form stronger communities,” Ramirez said.