Augustana track and field makes great strides to improve throughout the outdoor season

Elisabeth Ruggiero

The Augustana men’s and women’s track teams have been competing in their outdoor season since the end of their indoor season this past March. Since the beginning of the season, this team has made great strides to improve both individually and as an overall team.   

“Everybody here really loves track,” senior sprint captain Seth Sottos said. “The middle of the season is kind of an exciting time because you go from indoor to outdoor so it’s kind of that transitional period.”

This past indoor season, the women ranked sixth and the men ranked seventh in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (CCIW). Since then, the team has been making great strides to improve their performance everyday. 

“A lot of people are progressing and have a lot of PR’s, or personal records,” senior distance runner Kara Lotz said. “That’s been really exciting to watch.” 

Both teams help each other improve by being there for each other, bridging the divide between the men’s and women’s side to create one close-knit track and field team. 

“I think each day we get closer as a team, which is always good and feeding off of each other’s energy is always really helpful,” Lotz said. 

With CCIW conference championships in two weeks, everything is planned out for them in terms of who is going to perform in what event. 

“We’re just thinking about preparing our body for it so we feel well rested and recovered, ” junior distance runner Anna Boardman said.

Key people to watch out for this season would be high jumpers senior Gabriella Loiz and First-Year Rhiannon Marshall as they are projected to have a good shot at nationals at the conclusion of the season. 

First-Year distance runner Ellie DiFarno has also “progressed so much since cross country,” Boardman said, and is projected to only get better as she competes over the next three years. 

On the field, First-Year thrower, Charlotte Frere, is currently placed first in the conference and seventh in the nation overall. 

The Vikings have conference in the back of their mind as they are set to compete at both Simpson College and Drake University this upcoming weekend of April 27.