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Freedom of expression: It’s not really free

Freedom of expression: It’s not really free

Hailey Glasnovich February 24, 2024

The First Amendment protects our rights to freedom of speech as United States citizens. This often extends into the umbrella of expression, defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as “the act of saying what...

Improve Augie’s free speech rules

September 28, 2017

The first amendment forbids Congress from encroaching on the free expression of Americans. To deny this speech is to deny the fundamental identity that makes America’s brand of freedom so sought out....

The Threatened First Amendment

The Threatened First Amendment

March 17, 2017

Sufficed to say, Donald Trump has begun what will definitely be one of the most unorthodox presidencies in U.S. history. Explosive Tweets, baseless claims, and the media’s new monicker of “fake news”...

Understand what your First Amendment rights are, and what they are not

September 29, 2016

When Augustana Dean of Students Evelyn Campbell and Provost Pareena Lawrence announced that they would be limiting political sidewalk chalk to a closed area between Olin Center and Hanson Hall that they...

Terrorism, police brutality linked through violent extremism

December 14, 2015

Nearly every day this year, reports of extreme violence flood the public consciousness. In just the last few months, there have been terrorist attacks in dozens of places globally by both “Christian”...

2015 Undergraduate DePauw Honors Conference with Katie Canning

2015 Undergraduate DePauw Honors Conference with Katie Canning

April 16, 2015

Today I begin my journey to Greencastle, Ind., to present my research paper at DePauw University's undergraduate communication and theatre honors conference. I will be presenting my research paper that...

Freedom not license to discriminate

April 2, 2015

Fundamental misunderstandings of what First Amendment rights actually do for citizens in practice contributes in a big way to the perpetuation of ignorance and bigotry, both on our campus and nationally. Cries...

Opinion: Hate group raises First Amendment questions

January 23, 2015

For many, hearing about the Westboro Baptist Church brings to mind an ideal of intolerance and anger. The WBC is well known for much more than being a religious group. Established in Topeka, Kansas in...

Editors-in-Chief on: Transparency

December 11, 2014

After multiple emails of concern sent by the administration, the Student Government Association, etc. concerning Yik Yak, the Observer editors set out to form an opinion concerning the occurrences. While...

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