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The global warming crisis

The global warming crisis

Sarah Kayali April 10, 2019

One of my favorites spots to study is a small coffee shop called Milltown Coffee located on River Drive street, where I can enjoy gazing at the Mississippi River outside the window.  Recently, as I was...

The difficulty behind trusting the Mueller Report summary

Sarah Kayali April 3, 2019

One rule that many people follow is to never talk about religion or politics, but the topic of politics isn’t as simple as we may think it is. There are some concepts that go beyond our understanding....

Augies love overcomes hatred of New Zealand shooting

Augie’s love overcomes hatred of New Zealand shooting

Sarah Kayali March 29, 2019

It has happened in the past, it happened now, and it’ll probably happen again in the near future. Today, I discuss the news of yet another tragic terrorist attack. On Friday Mar 15, a terrorist walked...

A perspective on feminism

Sarah Kayali March 21, 2019

March is international women’s month. I’ll be celebrating as a Muslim girl, whose misconceptions don’t define me. Contrary to the misconceptions, the Hijab wasn’t forced on me but it was my - own...

The reality of police brutality

The reality of police brutality

Sarah Kayali March 11, 2019

The Ten-Point Program of the Black Panther Party, a self defense political organization, called for: freedom, full-employment, end to capitalist robbery, housing, education, universal-healthcare, end to...

Teenagers unjustly harassed Native American

Sarah Kayali January 30, 2019

On Friday January 18, young teenage boys harassed an elderly Native American man named Nathan Phillips. A video of a young boy standing in front of Philips and staring at him as he played his drum went...

Hugging it out doesn’t solve racism, change does

Sarah Kayali January 21, 2019

On Symposium Day one of the lectures I attended was titled “Real Talk: I’m Not Racist.” The main focus of this presentation was a YouTube video published on November 28 of 2017 called “I’m not...

Augie’s perspective courses benefit students

Sarah Kayali January 16, 2019

Believe it or not some majors require courses that students are able to fit into 1 or 2 years of college studying. In just one year students are able to graduate with all the courses needed for their major....

Tear gas is unnecessary force

Tear gas is unnecessary force

Sarah Kayali December 6, 2018

Children do not deserve tear gas fired in their faces. I don’t care what the laws say. I don’t care whether it was legal or not. Children are children. They don’t deserve to be included in these...

Teenage vaping needs to stop

Teenage vaping needs to stop

Sarah Kayali November 29, 2018

Teenagers these days would do anything they consider “cool.” They don’t think about the risks, harm and damage a small device like an E-cigarette can do. There has been an insane increase of E-cigarette...

Muslims stand with Jews

Sarah Kayali November 1, 2018

I am a Muslim, and I don’t hate Jews. This misconception doesn’t define me. This misconception doesn’t express the truth about me. I do not hate Jews. I’ll repeat once, twice and however long it...

Facebook has no privacy

Facebook has no privacy

Sarah Kayali October 18, 2018

Just when I thought technology couldn’t get anymore involved in personal life, it surprises me once again. Facebook recently released its pair of smart speakers known as "Portal." Portal is a voice-controlled...

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