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By Annie Wheeler

Young voters can have a voice

Paige Sheppard March 12, 2020

Young people (ages 18-29) have historically been the most underrepresented age demographic in every election for decades, yet we are the ones who have to live with the consequences of our politics for...

Phi Omega Phi needs to be disbanded

Paige Sheppard February 27, 2020

Yet again, Phi Omega Phi’s (Poobah) actions have been called to attention by the eyes of the entire school. Year after year this group of students proves they don’t know how to respect everyone on...

It’s called a hate crime, not a ghost story

Paige Sheppard February 20, 2020

Anyone who has ever lived in Andreen Hall knows the story of “Chauncey the Ghost,” but not everyone at Augustana College knows the story of Chauncey Morton. It’s time they should. Chauncey was one...

It’s time to check “virginity checks”

Paige Sheppard November 21, 2019

Patriarchal double standards are as real as virginity is a myth. Not only are women criticized and shamed for being sexually active before marriage, but sexually active men are often praised for it. Unfortunately,...

Students affected by seasonal depression are not alone

Students affected by seasonal depression are not alone

Paige Sheppard November 14, 2019

While most people look upon daylight savings as a gift that offers one extra glorious hour of sleep when we all seem to need it most, it also marks the beginning of shorter, darker and colder days. Winter...

Graphic made by Annie Wheeler

Augustana ignores reproductive health on campus

Paige Sheppard October 31, 2019

Although it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, there are two things that happen on college campuses daily: people menstruate and people have sex. Despite all of the free stuff Augustana gives...

Cartoon by: Annie Wheeler

Vegetarians and vegans want to eat too

Paige Sheppard October 24, 2019

Current first and second year students at Augustana are required to have a meal plan, all of which cost over $5,000; however, vegan and vegetarian students can hardly eat for all they’re paying for. Although...

Tuition prices at Augie promote classist ideals

Paige Sheppard October 10, 2019

Augustana’s current tuition fee (including housing and meal plan) sits at a staggering $54,500 a year according to Augie’s website, not to mention the annual tuition increase as well as other academic...

It’s time to impeach Trump

Paige Sheppard October 3, 2019

Earlier this week, President Trump admitted to bringing up current presidential candidate, Joe Biden, on a phone call with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky in July. During the call, Trump urged...

Inclusivity should be uniform

Paige Sheppard September 26, 2019

This year, the Augustana choral department has decided to ditch the old concert uniforms and opt for something more gender-neutral. Just like most vocal ensembles around the United States, Augustana has...

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