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Blue Light Glasses: Are they worth the hype?

Morgan Clark April 17, 2019

In the age of technology, one of the common problems people have is eye strain from looking at computer or phone screens. It’s virtually impossible to go a day without using some sort of technology,...

More than just the books: My Augie experience

Morgan Clark April 16, 2019

Throughout my four years at Augustana, I have gained much more than just an education. Yeah, I know the process of how cells divide, what a femur is, and more than I ever wanted to know about model organisms,...

The final stretch: ways to make it through spring term

Morgan Clark March 27, 2019

(1) New season, new you? Build new habits spring term. Strive to be more organized and plan ahead because spring term gets busy. Start by actually using that planner you bought at the beginning of the...

Throwing Shade about Shades: colorism in minority communities

Morgan Clark March 20, 2019

Over my past years in college, I’ve realized some people are in dire need of being educated on the backgrounds of people who surround them. Skin color is often misrepresented by the media, mainly for...

It’s 2019: Why are people still using the N-word?

Morgan Clark March 12, 2019

The N-word. You may know people that say it; you may even be one of those people. In the age of social media and the use of it in music, it has become more normalized, but should it be that way? Senior,...

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Morgan Clark January 24, 2019

The Bachelor has become a popular show to watch as a past time. Some people really delve into watching the show by having huge watch parties and logging data from the show, while others simply watch for...

Augie students give advice on end of term study tips

Morgan Clark October 18, 2018

As the fall term is coming to end, the library floors will be packed with students studying for exams. The library is not the only place to study, although some still prefer the common study location....

Fall activities in the Quad Cities

Morgan Clark October 4, 2018

Although fall started off with various weather changes, Augie students are still trying to get into the mood for the seasonal change. One way to get into the spirit is through several fall activities in...

Korean Pop gaining popularity in America

Morgan Clark September 20, 2018

Music is a popular pastime for people all over the world. On Augie’s own campus, it’s quite common to see students walking around with headphones in—myself included. What I typically listen to, however,...

Women’s basketball players receive season awards

Morgan Clark April 26, 2018

The women’s basketball team ended this year’s season by winning against North Central ending their season with 15-10 record. There were several members from the team that gained letters and awards...

Women’s Track & Field 4×100 relay breaks school record

Morgan Clark April 12, 2018

The men and women’s track team competed in the Augustana Viking Olympics on March 29. The men’s team placed first and the women’s team took second place. With the success at this home meet came...

Women’s Lacrosse gains win against Monmouth Scotts

Morgan Clark March 22, 2018

The Women’s Lacrosse team started their spring season in late February with a great start, gaining many wins. The women competed against Monmouth on March 14 and are now at a 6-2 record after winning...

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