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Augie cyclists suffer bike swiping

Maria Fernanda Rubi June 9, 2021

Recently, Augustana students report rises in bike theft across campus.  Bobby Nwachukwu, a second-year student, has experienced bike theft twice during the academic year.   Both robberies took place...

Asian Students seek more support from Augustana

Maria Fernanda Rubi April 16, 2021

Despite Asian hate being a prominent topic in the country, students believe Augustana has taken little action to address the issue. On March 18, Augustana sent an email condemning violent acts against...

Recreational Sports opening more on campus

Maria Fernanda Rubi April 16, 2021

Starting in spring semester, Augustana College became more flexible with recreational sports by allowing more intramural (IM) events with spectators. However, students struggle to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. The...

Changes in the Dining Service are still unknown

Maria Fernanda Rubi March 31, 2021

Some weeks ago, the Student Government Association (SGA) sent a google form to the student body asking their opinion regarding possible changes in the Westerlin Market (C-Store) hours and adding more food...

Studying abroad in 2021-2022 has a lot of uncertainty

Maria Fernanda Rubi March 19, 2021

Currently, there are no concrete plans regarding the study abroad programs for summer and fall 2021 and J-term 2022. However, the school and faculty are promoting different programs for the upcoming terms. Pedro...

LGBTQ+ students find faith despite past prejudices

Maria Fernanda Rubi March 19, 2021

This story is from the Observer’s Injustice and inequalities inside Augie magazine publication. Print March 2021. Augustana College’s Lutheran religious affiliation welcomes all students, regardless...

Student Government Association adapts functions during COVID-19

Maria Fernanda Rubi March 17, 2021

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has brought this academic year, the Student Government Association (SGA) has worked hard to represent the student body’s needs. According to Kaitlyn Watkins, the president...

Virtual Symposium Day provides advantages for the community

Maria Fernanda Rubi October 26, 2020

Augustana held the first virtual Symposium Day consisting of live and pre-recorded sessions on Oct. 17. According to the Symposium Day Committee and some presenters, this format was expected to provide...

Students struggle with no visitors policy in residence halls

Maria Fernanda Rubi October 21, 2020

As part of Augie Strong Force, students are required to wear masks during the buildings except when being at their rooms. They are allowed to have a limited number of guests at their dorms and family members...

Students look for improvement in Augustana’s efforts on racial justice

Maria Fernanda Rubi October 10, 2020

Just as the country, Augustana is in an ongoing battle for racial justice. Some students said there is still room for improvement in Augie's efforts on racial justice. They call not only the Office of...

Family week conducted virtually

Maria Fernanda Rubi October 2, 2020

Due to COVID 19, this year’s Family Week was led virtually. The event is known for allowing parents to familiarize themselves with their children's new home and to see them succeed in their new life...

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