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Augustana Has A Service Animal Crisis

Kiera Kunstman November 14, 2019

For a person with a disability, a service animal becomes their own form of life support. A lot of staff and students don’t recognize how vital a service animal is, just because they have not been given...

By Alyssa Duckett

Augustana students cry out for more counseling

Kiera Kunstman November 7, 2019

Counseling plays a vital role in a student's success, but there is not enough of it offered at Augustana College. The school desperately needs to solve this issue. Students recognize that counseling is...

Graphic by Kevin Donovan

Companies like Chipotle and McDonalds are scamming working students

Kiera Kunstman October 31, 2019

Tuition reimbursement is a well thought out scam provided by companies like Chipotle and McDonalds. Even with Starbucks’ reputable tuition reimbursement program, the company plays a significant role...

Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations set a precedent for future leaders

Kiera Kunstman September 26, 2019

Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct allegation highlights a very serious problem in our criminal justice system. According to Berkeley, sexual offenders are being acquitted from jail time, and cases...

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