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Sloughfest celebrates end of finals week

Sloughfest celebrates end of finals week

Aubrey Lathrop June 9, 2021

Sloughfest will return to campus on May 21 after being canceled due to distance-learning last year. However, large crowds put people at risk of spreading COVID-19, so the event will look different than...

Equal rights is still a fight

Equal rights is still a fight

Aubrey Lathrop April 16, 2021

Women’s rights are not a new, radical concept by any means. In fact, women have been battling for better treatment and more representation in the United States since 1776, when Abigail Adams wrote a...

Solar panels arrive on campus

Aubrey Lathrop October 21, 2020

Solar panels will be installed on the rooftops of the PepsiCo Rec Center, Carver P.E. Center, Centennial Hall and Westerlin, according to an email sent from Augustana College to the campus community. Kai...

ITS connects with campus over WIFI issues

ITS connects with campus over WIFI issues

Aubrey Lathrop September 17, 2020

Reporting by Aubrey Lathrop and Natalie McMillan. The big shift into online learning and a heavier dependence on the Internet this year caused some students and professors to experience issues with the...

Augustana exchanges close-knit classrooms for distance learning

Aubrey Lathrop March 23, 2020

Augustana announced that all classes will switch to Distance Learning for the rest of the spring semester on March 18. Uncertainty surrounded this initial message and left students with many questions....

Dr, Yusef Salaam giving a speech during the event an Evening with Yusef Salaam, an event to commemorate Augustana’s 1969 Black Power Symposium.

Dr. Yusef Salaam speaks to a sold-out audience

Aubrey Lathrop March 11, 2020

Dr. Yusef Salaam is one of five men that were wrongly convicted of sexual assault in Central Park in 1989. Salaam spoke about his experiences at Centennial Hall on March 7 for a sold-out crowd. Salaam’s...

Overcoming voting barriers for the primaries

Aubrey Lathrop March 5, 2020

With the Illinois primary election coming up on March 17, various organizations at Augustana hosted voter registration events. Despite these efforts, many students are still intimidated by the voting process...

NAMI takes a stand for those with eating disorders

Aubrey Lathrop February 27, 2020

Augustana’s National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) organized a carpool program to take students to Amy’s Gift, an eating disorder support group in Davenport after several students expressed a desire...

2020 candidates hear the people’s voices

Aubrey Lathrop January 15, 2020

A people’s caucus was held on Sunday, Jan. 12 at Davenport North High School. All were welcome, and local residents asked questions to presidential candidates about current issues Candidates Bernie Sanders...

Marijuana will be legalized in January 2020

Aubrey Lathrop November 21, 2019

Recreational marijuana use and distribution will become legal in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020. However, different restrictions can be placed on the industry by smaller legislations within the state, including...

Vests worn by Public Safety officers on November 8, 2019.

Two cars reported stolen from campus lots

Aubrey Lathrop November 14, 2019

Two car thefts have occurred at Augustana so far this semester, raising concerns about safety on campus. On Oct. 9, Junior Alyssa Twilbeck discovered that her car was stolen from the Erickson Hall parking...

Phone apps created for campus by the campus

Aubrey Lathrop October 31, 2019

In an effort to connect the student body, various groups on Augustana’s campus have created apps available for download. The goal of these apps is to keep students informed and safe. There are three...

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