Chi Eps join Augustana Greek Life

Isabella Perez

This fall Augustana has adopted a new fraternity, Iota Chi Epsilons (Chi Eps), in addition to the previous existing 7 fraternities.

President Caleb Gruden said, the Iota Chi Epsilons “value unity, respect and accountability. We also have a strong emphasis on volunteer work – we think it’s important not just in medical and grad school, but building you as a person.”

Though the bulk of their members and exec board are from Augie’s hockey team,the fraternity’s service chair, senior Matt Schipiour said, “We’re open to everybody and building a small community.”

As the fraternity was forming,there was a minor controversy about their first nick-name, ICE.

Greek Council President, Senior Mia Gerace said, “I didn’t really think of the political connotation at first. It’s just a bunch of hockey guys so ice was just silly and made sense.”

Schipiour said, “We in no way want to be associated with them (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)… We understand that it can be a trigger for some people and we want to be respectful.”

The fraternity’s full name is Iota Chi Epsilon, while they can be called Chi-Eps or Iota Chi.

When asked about the pledging and rushing season Schipiour said, “I had an overwhelming rushing experience in the past. We want to make sure that freshman or anybody this year, if they choose us, make it [through the pledging process].

“We want to make a focus that through this pledging season, academics come first.”

Gruden said, “[We’re] a little bit more adaptive to sports players or others scared away by time commitment but that want to rush.”

However, Gerace said, “People (other greek groups) were worried that the administration might find a loophole and say, ‘Well if they can do less pledging then so can you,’ and they have already cut down on how long it is.

“Frats are always worried about the low recruitment numbers, and adding another group doesn’t help, but I think it’s gonna be really great. My mission as Greek Council President is to help everyone support each other,” Gerace said.

Schipiour said, “We’re not here to invade the Greek community. We want to build Greek Life because we feel it’s important.”