Augustana’s first drive-in movie was a success


Augustana students gather in the Centennial Hall parking lot to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day off last Saturday. Photo by Kevin Donovan

On Saturday, the 9, the Office of Student Life hosted its first ever drive-in movie.  The event was hosted by the late-night committee of OSL’s Student Life Programming Board and took place at 9 pm in the Centennial parking lot.  Luckily, the weather was perfect for movie-goers to wear sweatshirts or bring a blanket!
The event was planned by Rachel Kammerzelt and Andrew Thumann, the co-chairs of the late-night committee for the Student Life Programming Board.  Kammerzelt, an Augustana senior, has been involved with the OSL and the SLPB since her junior year and Thumann, an Augustana junior, has been involved since his sophomore year.
Kammerzlet said she came up with the idea to host a drive-in movie here at Augustana when “[the committee] browsed through different ideas of what campuses do. And there was a website for novelty things you can bring to campus…we saw ‘drive-in movie’, and if you have seen Greece that was kind of what we were thinking.”
Kammerzlet stated that the late-night committee chose “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” because it “is a classic movie” that does not necessarily adhere it any gender stereotypes and will hopefully be enjoyed by everyone.
Thumann believes that the drive-in movie is “a great option for students who still want to enjoy their Saturday night but do not necessarily want to go out.”
The drive-in movie was also a prime place for students to get free stuff—something that appeals to any college student.  Thumann explained that for this event they gave away 50 inflatable lazy bags customized with the Augustana logo.  There was also a free popcorn bar where students could pick from choices of cheese, butter, and caramel popcorn.  The OSL gave away color changing cups and goodie bags too.
At the event, Katie Streicher, an Augustana Freshman, explained that she came to the drive-in movie with “a bunch of people on her floor in Westerlin and her CA.”  Streicher said that they were drawn to the event by the free inflatable lazy bags, but also really wanted to have a good time together.  Streicher loves the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and loves drive-in movies because “it’s fun to bond with people” which was her favorite part of the event.
Olivia LaPlante, An Augustana Senior, was invited to the drive-in movie by her friends and she decided to come for the free popcorn and to hang out.  LaPlante says that she was excited to “relax on a Saturday night and for the free food.”  The consensus among LaPlante and her friends was that “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is a great movie.  LaPlante’s friend Leah Galamin, also a senior, added that “it feels like a drive-in movie”. LaPlante likes the drive-in movie setting but says that next time having someone directing parking would be good.  LaPlante “hopes that they continue the drive-in movies in the future.”