OSL Attends NACA Convention

Over fall break, Augustana’s Office of Student Life student leaders travelled to Covington, Kentucky to attend the National Association for Campus Activities’ convention. There, student leaders previewed potential entertainers for campus events and attended leadership seminars.
“OSL’s goal is to seek ways to engage Augustana students in our community and strive to help students feel a sense of belonging,” explained Ken Brill, assistant dean and director of the Office for Student Life. OSL fulfills this mission through its involvement with Greek Life, Welcome Week activities, the OSL Leadership Academy, the Student Life Programming Board, and Multicultural Programming Board.
OSL seeks to provide a variety of different events, with approximately 300 planned events throughout the school year. With about ten events a week, OSL student leaders aim to engage the growing diverse community at Augustana so that there is an event for everyone.
The SLPB and MPB leaders attended the NACA convention with two goals in mind: finding new and different entertainers to bring to Augustana’s campus, and learning how to best serve the Augustana student community.
“My favorite part was the educational sessions,” said volunteer leader Taylor Hayes, who helps with the Live on Campus Board. Live on Campus coordinates performers for the Brew by the Slough and the Patio. “One of the sessions I really remember most was on what to do if you have problems with a performer. It was helpful and also really fun.”
One favorite among the students in attendance was Elizabeth Acevedo, a spoken word and rap artist. Acevedo writes, performs, and offers workshops on identity and social justice. OSL hopes to bring Elizabeth Acevedo to campus in February, but no official plans have been set yet.
Another favorite was speaker Shane Bitney Crone. Crone is an LGBT advocate and filmmaker, known for the documentary Bridegroom, which explores his personal story. OSL plans to bring Shane Bitney Crone to campus mid-January.
Both of these speakers reflect OSL’s desire to cater to Augustana’s diverse community, as well as the intention to equip students with intercultural competency and the ability to empathize with peers from a different background.
OSL always seeks out new talent and volunteers to help make Augustana’s campus better for everyone.
“I think everyone should at least take a chance and interview for OSL,” Hayes explained. “The interview process may seem intimidating, but once you join OSL you really get to see the underlying workings of how the school works and how much the school cares about its students.”