Cirque Italia coming to amaze the QC

This coming weekend, May 6-8, the Cirque Italia will be coming to Davenport to set up their signature blue and white spiral tents.
Cirque Italia promotes itself as the first official “Water Circus” in the United States.
This one-of-a-kind show is famous for its custom built Italian water stage, a moveable pool that holds 3,500 gallons of water.
As described on their website, “(Cirque Italia) bring unique aerial acts, hand balancing, contortionists, and many more surprise performances that are breathtaking. They have created a show that is magical, modern, breathtaking, and most importantly –unforgettable!”
Manuel Rebecchi is the owner and founder of Cirque Italia, a born-to-be performer from Milan, Italy. He spent several years traveling around Europe with his famous aunt Moira Orfei and her circus.
In 2003, Rebecchi moved to the United States with a burning desire to perform and an indomitable work ethic.
He dreamt of bringing various elements of European circuses to the states in combination to create a new, unique circus experience.
With the help of Ferrari to help design his signature tents, and the help of chief operating officer Chante’ DeMoustes to choreograph the unique underwater show, by August of 2012 they were ready to start touring North America.
They set off with the goal of bringing a circus show that will blow audiences away while keeping the price of admission affordable.
If you have never experienced Cirque du Soleil or are looking for a unique viewing experience next weekend, I suggest attending this aquatic spectacular.
For those who have yet to nail down a plan, this could be a Mother’s Day weekend adventure to consider!
The Cirque Italia tents will be set up at the Mississippi Valley Fair at 2815 West Locust Street, Davenport, IA.
Parking will be available adjacent to the tents and be prepared to pay between $3.00 -$5.00 for parking.
The show will be two hours long, with a 15 minute intermission.
Show times are:
Friday, May 6, 7:30
Saturday, May 7, 1:30, 4:30 and 7:30
Sunday, May 8, 1:30 and 4:30
There are 4 sections of seating with prices ranging from $10.00 to $40.00.
Tickets will only get you into a specific section, seating is first-come-first serve. Doors open one hour before the show, so plan on getting there early.
Concessions should be available within the venue, but only take cash, so plan ahead.
For more information, or ordering tickets, check online at their website, or call in to the Box Office at (941) 704-8572.