International House as a New TLA

One brand new Transitional Living Area (TLA) is opening for the 2016-2017 school year. The new International House, also known as the I-House, is a new TLA apartment for international students, as well as domestic students interested in a global sharing living experience.
”The International House is a TLA meant to meet the needs of international students, create meaningful relationship between domestic and international students, and have fun,” said Danny Kim, Assistant Director of International Life at Augustana.
TLAs are apartments located around campus which help provide a transition period to prepare students for off-campus living. There are currently many fully equipped buildings on campus dedicated to TLAs.
The I-House is a co-ed house with three floors, comprised of 3 doubles and 5 singles. The first floor, which is a shared space, consists of the kitchen, dining area, and lounges. The second floor, which can hold 4 residents, and the third floor, which can hold 7 residents, will be divided by gender. Residents can also host family and friends coming to visit. The policy for guests will follow the common rules of the college.
The I-House will provide a community which serves to create a welcoming environment for international students and students who are interested in the cross-culture living experience. It also meets the cooking needs and offers a place for social gathering for international students who stay on campus during breaks. There are also hopes that it will foster a close-knit community between international and domestic students.
Participating in this program, students will become aware of similarities and differences between cultural groups, and learn to view global issues with a broader and more diverse perspective.
All residents will take a one-credit course by participating in this program with no overload charge. This course will provide students living in the I-House living-learning community with the opportunity to explore and appreciate cultural diversity, as well as create intercultural curiosity and awareness within and outside Augustana bubble. Residents will also be expected to participate in activities and events hosted by Community Global Ambassador, and be willing to share the kitchen and lounges with non-residential international students.
The application for the International House is due at the same time as the usual housing application process. Even though mostly juniors are expected to live in the TLAs, first years and sophomores are allowed to apply as well.
If you wish to live in an environment that is proactive in addressing international issues and fosters a friendly international community, then this house is for you! International and American students will live together, prepare delicious food together, and share their culture in an intentional and unique way”, said Kim.