SGA passes office hours amendment

As there were no contingencies at Student Government Association meeting on Sept. 10, the main issue on hand was the Office Hours Amendment, which was passed unanimously by the senate. With it still being the beginning of the year and many of the early year issues, such as budgets for the organizations and club, already being fulfilled, the meeting was short and simple.
The Office Hours Amendment requires that each senator spend an hour per term in the Brew talking to at least two students. This rule will start being enforced Winter Term.
“For Fall term, I just have a few select senators starting with office hours to get the kinks out and to see how the students respond,” said Secretary Charlie Bentley, who introduced the bill his freshman year and really pushed for it to be passed.
Students will be able to voice their concerns, ask questions, or just talk in general about life at Augustana with the senators.
“(This amendment) allows better access for both SGA and for students to become more transparent, to help, and to listen,” said SGA President David Sommers.
Students will receive emails about times when each senator will be able to speak. Students are urged by the SGA to attend and ask questions.
In response to what students could talk to senators about Vice President Jackie Jastrzebski replied, “Anything, really. Anything they’re passionate about. ‘What can SGA do for me?’ is a very valid question.”
On the current issue of funding for WAUG, where miscommunication lead to a budget cut, SGA and WAUG will be meeting at the meeting next Thursday.
“Next Thursday, come prepared to debate,” said President Sommers as he addressed the senators.
Sommers urged the senate to submit questions to him before the meeting on Sept. 17 so he could send the question sot WAUG to prepare.
With the voting for Freshman Senate members being very important for first year students, president Sommers also clarified the process for candidates being selected.
“There was a full week of applying where anyone could submit an application,” said Sommers. “Eight students ended up applying, and they all showed ability to add something to the senate, so they were all allowed to run.”
Campaigning started Sept. 4 and technically ended Sept. 9, although this is subject to change with a revote now being required.
Highlights from the committee meetings include The Advising Committee attempting to start a Twitter campaign where students take selfies with their advisors, and the Campus Improvement Committee began planning for decorating Christmas on the Quad.
The next SGA meeting will be held September 17.